About the Pack

At Stray Communications, we decided quite awhile ago that it’s more interesting, and cost effective, to put a pack together for each client or project we work on, especially since technology now allows a lot of talented people to run free. 

As for the dog thing, well…

Back when he worked in radio, Casey Holt acquired the nickname Spot the Sales Dog. He has an extensive collection of dog-themed detritus. He pursues success for clients with dogged determination, and the pack humors him, with very little whining. He hopes you follow their lead…

Smart ideas unleashed.



Marketing, Advertising, Design, Interactive, Media and Communication Experts

There are several people in both the USA and the Czech Republic who often run in the Stray Communications pack, as needed. These are the few most often found sniffing around…

Casey Holt developed a personal, solution-focused creative approach to marketing challenges during more than a decade of radio and television spot sales. In addition to his account service role, he is the agency’s primary creative and expert at positioning new companies and products.

Tracy Wampler produces logos, collateral, packaging, vehicle graphics, brochures, point-of sale materials, trade show displays, web ads and graphics… almost anything the eye can behold, across an amazing spectrum of styles.

Peter Grant has been focused for more than 15 years on search optimization. Yes, that’s even back before Yahoo and Google. He produces many of our client web sites, and all of our hard-to-beat search results.

Karin Genton-L’Epée, based in the Czech Republic, coaches people in the finer points of communication and presentation skills. You might be amazed at how important this is.

Sally Stitt runs Star Media and Alison Colby-Campbell oversees their New Hampshire office. When we do big media, these are the folks we call in.

Will Barratt is a cinematographer and award-winning broadcast producer. When we do video (and we’d love to do more) we often call on Will.

Jordan Guagliumi moonlights for us retrieving people via email marketing.