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Notice how we put search first? Web is now the master of all media, and search optimization is the way to master the web.


So, though we still do all the traditional media, and all the new media, and all the weird media (ads on urinals are a little creepy), we concentrate on search engine marketing, primarily organic search. Either way, we can help you fetch more customers.

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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
and Media Buying Experts


We’re willing to bet that you get at least one email a week from some company promising to make you Top 10 or Page 1 in Google. Guess what? Anyone can do that… for search terms nobody uses.

Our Core™ and Amplified™ organic SEO programs, implemented by Grant Communications, are designed to get you found on the phrases people do use, based on research using state-of-the-art tools.

We then implement and test, test, test, fine-tuning as our analyses require. And stay ahead of the competition by constantly running programs on several dozen domains we use ourselves. For more about how we approach search, click here.

Many of our other media strategies are implemented with help from Alison Colby-Campbell and her cohorts at Star Media. More info about them is available here.